Now is the best time to figure out what comes next in your life.

Hi, I'm Jackie. I am here to help women over 35 navigate the next chapter in their life by discovering their passion and identifying their future action steps. You got this!




Hi there. I’m Jackie Ranahan. I teach women who are over 40, how to bring passion and fulfillment to the next chapter of their lives.

Are you interested in starting your own business post-career, refining an existing business or turning a side-hustle into a full-time gig? Let me be your guide.

Are you wondering what’s next for you now that you have raised your family and you have more freedom to choose what to do with your time? Life is a journey and I’m pumped if you choose me to be on it with you.

I get it. You’re supposed to be in the “prime of your life” but risk and uncertainty has you wondering what path to take.

What if you were able to find your passion and plan out this next chapter of your life?

What if YOU were in charge of YOUR life? What would that look like?

Well it is possible.

I am an over 50 entrepreneur and mother of two. In 22 years I have built three successful businesses, two with my partner in life Jim, turned life upside down by moving from the city at a small town, raised two amazing very active boys all the while giving back to the communities that we call home. It’s been a crazy ride, one that I have learned a lot from and continue to learn from each and every day. I felt that it was now time that I more formally shared my knowledge with other women (Lord knows my friends and family always get my advice whether they like it or not).

I know the unknown has a lot of scary to it, but I also know that you deserve to live your best life. You might be laid-off or retired from your career – celebrate! Now is the time to start the next chapter of your life.

You might be saying “Jackie, I am too old for something new” or “Jackie, I don’t know that I want the risk,” but I say back to you, it was the something new and the risk that got you through the first chapter, now it’s time to turn the page. You can still watch your grandchildren grow AND focus on YOUR dreams. They will appreciate a Grandma that has her shit together. Forging your own path is not always an easy thing, but Lady, I can help!

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"Every new beginning comes from some other new beginnings end."

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