Are you ready to live with Purpose?

Are you spinning your wheels? Do you feel foggy and without direction? Are you asking yourself "What's next for me?" You are not alone. Most women feel that way at some point in their lives – stuck in the mud and living without purpose and definitive direction. I know I have.

Everyone needs a guide at some point in their lives and that’s where I come in. I help women business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals like you, get unstuck and figure out “What’s Next?” through actionable and accountable steps, so you can move ahead using your own unique strengths and talents. You’ve got what it takes, I know you do, you just need a little help seeing it.

Hey there! I'm Jackie Ranahan.

I am a strategist with the experience of being a long-time entrepreneur, a spouse, a Mom and a good listener. I have had very high-stress and at times debilitating moments in my life and in my career when I wasn’t sure which next path was the right one. Thanks to my dedication to life-long learning coupled with an unrelenting curiosity – the ability to sort through the clutter and find the way is my superpower.  

I have been exactly where you are right now – feeling like you’re going through the motions, wondering who’s dream you are working toward, juggling relationships, feeling dreadfully stuck and wondering “What’s Next?” It’s ok, you’ve come to the right place.

I create a safe space for women to be authentically themselves and am committed to uncovering the stories that often need to be told in order to move on. 

I am passionate about helping women feel supported and heard through a process that strategically uncovers the roadblocks, overcomes procrastination and provides accountability. When we work together, I help bridge the gaps that at times can feel like deep chasms – to cultivate a wholehearted and passion-focused life.

It's nice to meet you!

Are You?

  • Stuck? Perhaps at a crossroads in your life? Are you unsure what choice you should or need to make for your future happiness?
  • A business-owner or a professional that is feeling the debilitating effects of overwhelm?
  • Finishing up your education, looking for a career change, are approaching retirement or just want to make a life change and have no idea how to sort out your “What’s Next?”
  • Unclear of your purpose and feel like you’re floundering trying to find the answers and just need some guidance?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and so busy you have no time to clearly define your goals and your future seems unattainable?

You are in exactly the right place.

So here is what I would like you to do. First, get to know me better.

Please read my blog posts. Listen to my podcast. Follow me on Instagram.

Then send me an email to [email protected] and tell me a bit about yourself and what you are looking for. We can then set up a short discovery call to meet and decide how to move forward. Sound good? I look forward to hearing from you.



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One-on-One personal coaching helps because….

  • The struggle is real. When you are stuck, you really are unsure what direction to take next.
  • You deserve some massive clarity on your future.
  • When you are pulled in a million different directions or feel like you are walking around and around in circles, clarity on your future is the last thing that comes into focus.
  • Needing help and not knowing how is ok.
  • By knowing and more about Who you achieve a better understanding of your Why, which in turn leads to a more effective, focused and enjoyable life.
  • YOU are important and YOU are worth it.
Let's Look At My Programs...
From Sara...

"Jackie helped me overcome the procrastination I didn't realize I had. Her well-thought-out sessions and clever building block homework have allowed me to understand myself, my thoughts, and my goals on a deeper level. The work we have done together has helped me plan for my future, start making moves forwards in both my personal life and as an entrepreneur. The biggest takeaway has been learning about my habits and how I can watch for blind spots in my thinking and patterns to succeed at moving forwards. Thanks for all your help Jackie and I look forward to continuing to work together."

From Naeem...

"I had a very positive experience with Jackie’s coaching program. I had been feeling disconnected from my career and wanted to explore a change that aligned better with my interests and strengths, but wasn’t quite sure how to navigate that process. Jackie was able to help me recognize my strengths, identify my innate and learned abilities, and create an actionable plan - all of which have given me the tools to work towards my goals. I now feel a stronger sense of direction, especially after figuring out my 10-year plan with Jackie’s guidance. Jackie also helped me incorporate strategies around time and stress management into my day-to-day life, partly through journaling techniques. I’d recommend Jackie to anyone looking to effect change in any area of their life."

From Emily...

"At a time in my career where I felt the pressure of doing all the tasks and being the jack of all trades; as most small business owners are, Jackie helped me see my strengths, make a plan and execute on all my top priorities. She was a sounding board for ideas, gave clear unbiased feedback and provided a structure to help propel me forward with a clear, focused vision. One of my biggest takeaways from our sessions was to take small steps in the right direction. It can feel overwhelming at times but this will help move you in the direction you want to go."