Hey there! I'm Jackie Ranahan.

Change Agent, Information Seeker, Educator, Artist, Writer and a Friend who wants to listen more than hear myself talk. I use my personal journey, curiosity, and life experience to help others get unstuck and move on with their lives using their unique strengths and talents. I have the strategies and understanding to help you overcome procrastination, be accountable and move you forward in the right direction.

It's nice to meet you!

I hear You

Hey, I've been where you are right now – stuck, stressed and stagnant. But I can honestly tell you something, it doesn't have to be that way. You deserve so much more.

Together we will uncover your strengths, strategize your future and prioritize what means most to you freeing you to finally move ahead in your life - both personal and business. I'll hold your hand through every step and steer you around any obstacles that are in the way of you living your authentic self.

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From Sara...

"Jackie helped me overcome the procrastination I didn't realize I had. Her well-thought-out sessions and clever building block homework have allowed me to understand myself, my thoughts, and my goals on a deeper level. The work we have done together (and continue to do) has helped me plan for my future, start making moves forwards in both my personal life and as an entrepreneur. The biggest takeaway has been learning about my habits and how I can watch for blind spots in my thinking and patterns to succeed at moving forwards. Thanks for all your help Jackie and I look forward to continuing to work together."

From Naeem...

"I had a very positive experience with Jackie’s coaching program. I had been feeling disconnected from my career and wanted to explore a change that aligned better with my interests and strengths, but wasn’t quite sure how to navigate that process. Jackie was able to help me recognize my strengths, identify my innate and learned abilities, and create an actionable plan - all of which have given me the tools to work towards my goals. I now feel a stronger sense of direction, especially after figuring out my 10-year plan with Jackie’s guidance. Jackie also helped me incorporate strategies around time and stress management into my day-to-day life, partly through journaling techniques. I’d recommend Jackie to anyone looking to effect change in any area of their life."

From Emily...

"At a time in my career where I felt the pressure of doing all the tasks and being the jack of all trades; as most small business owners are, Jackie helped me see my strengths, make a plan and execute on all my top priorities. She was a sounding board for ideas, gave clear unbiased feedback and provided a structure to help propel me forward with a clear, focused vision. One of my biggest takeaways from our sessions was to take small steps in the right direction. It can feel overwhelming at times but this will help move you in the direction you want to go."