7 Habits of Highly Creative Minds

Jun 30, 2020

Do you think of yourself as being creative? If you don’t, I am here to tell you that you most certainly are! You just might have discovered what creativity means to you and how to find it!

Creative minds stay on top of new trends. They continuously come up with fresh ideas. You might wonder how is this possible when we all lead such busy lives? Creative people must have some kind of an “in”, a secret fast track to the good stuff. The simple fact is that highly creative people make time for creative thinking which leads to a more organized life and an ability to adjust to changing environments. And that includes you!

Here are just 7 habits that you can start to incorporate into your life starting today, to bring out your creative side. With good creative habits your mind will be happy.

  1. Learn something new every day.

Learning something new every day is not new. Our grandparents talked about being humble and not thinking that you know it all. Approaching life knowing you still have so much to learn will spark creativity. Participate in webinars, listen to podcasts, read, take a course or just listen to those with different perspectives from yours. Creativity happens when you make the effort to learn or try something new every day. I like to start my day with a cup of tea and some creative time in my favorite chair. I get up early every day in order to carve out this special time for myself – I usually read some type of self-help or business book during this time (save those novels for winding down before bed, this time is about engaging and waking up your brain).

  1. Journal.

Journaling has such incredible power. It allows you to freely organize your thoughts by writing them down. Who doesn’t like talking to themselves to sort through a problem, think of journaling like that – talking to the page. There are lots of different options out there for journaling, from blank books to pre-set guides with daily prompts. Chose the one that works best for you. It may take a few tries so be patient when you’re looking for the right one.

I typically journal twice a day. I start my day writing a daily affirmation (what my “theme” of the day will be) and then I expand on that affirmation with a thought, a quote or sometimes a song lyric. That affirmation is in the back of my mind all day and helps to guide me. At the end of the day I record the day. What the weather was like, what I accomplished, what worked, what didn’t, my activities (you get the picture). Some days it’s a full page and some days it’s a half page. The point is that it is done every day and I feel more organized and energized because of it.

  1. Dream.

Reality is the result of imagination. Creative thinkers use lists as mental roadmaps. Ever heard the theory that if you write it down it will come true? More often than not that is correct.

Make a list, a mind map or a dream board of all of the things you want to do, be or achieve. Where do you want to be 2 months, 6 months a year from now? Don’t worry about whether or not your dreams are achievable at the moment or what it will take to get there – just do it. Now look at the list. What’s stopping you from making those things happen?

  1. Don’t shut the door on creativity.

Create using your instincts. Being creative is so much more than knowing how to draw. It’s about how you approach new things. Creative thinkers know when it’s okay to step outside of the box for a moment and really let their minds play with an idea or a new skill. Create without interruption, just like a brainstorming session, no idea is a bad idea. If you must get someone else’s opinion, make sure you have really noodled the idea around first – you don’t want someone knocking down your ideas before your great ideas flourish.

  1. Create a creative environment.

Does your office feel creative? Does your favourite corner of your house stimulate ideas for you? Do you have a place you can go to really think? Your environment can play a huge role in your creativity. If you are surrounded by a stressful environment your mind will be stifled. Create a few creative spaces for yourself. It might be a bench in the park, your office, your car or as crazy as this sounds maybe a closet in your house. Wherever you can get away to truly be alone with your thoughts will spark creativity. I have a few places I move around in my home office depending on the day. I am surrounded by creative things in my home office and there’s nothing like a good walk to be alone with my thoughts (I keep the notepad open on my phone to jot down ideas and use voice recording a lot!)

  1. Be around creative thinkers.

If you seek out creative people, they will encourage the creative side of you! Do you have people in your life that just make you feel great or ones that really make you think? Schedule time in your month with some one-on-one time with those people. It could be in person over a coffee, or maybe an online chat. I have a few friends that I know that I can bounce ideas off and they will be supportive of me by being truthful and honest – even with my wildest and craziest ideas! There are a lot of great mentoring programs that allow you to tap into the knowledge of some highly successful people that want to give back to people like you.

  1. Fail.

The process of doing deep, creative work comes through trial and error. Never be afraid to fail. Being afraid to fail will keep you stuck in a place that you can’t move forward. Through failure you can learn and grow. Mistakes and admitting to our mistakes make us humble and more willing to learn.

Remember that creativity is about how you think. For some creativity is expressed through the arts (art, music, song and dance) and for others it is how they are able to adapt to change and try new ideas. Creativity is enriching. To hone your creative mind, start implementing these tips into your life and prepare yourself for some great change to happen. Be the best you, you can be!

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