About Me


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can take control of their own destiny and chart their own course.

After a successful 30-year career in design and marketing, 3 businesses and 2 kids later, I realized that I had been coaching clients, customers, friends and family all along, guiding them toward their full potential using my unique strengths and talents – why not do that full time? Coaching others to realize their best selves is what brings me the greatest joy.

Now, I share my curated strategies and learned techniques through one-on-one coaching, guiding people like you to realize their own unique strengths and talents, getting unstuck and moving forward on the journey. 

Today, I love myself and celebrate the special me I bring to the world. I want you to love yourself too.

Let's chat. The fit has to be right but how do we know that if we don't meet first? Just complete the form below and I'll get right back to you to set up a Discovery call. That's the first step :)

Just fill out your info below and I'll get right back to you to book a discovery call.